Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Affiliate Program Terms and Conditions

Program Advertising Fees*:

Advertising fees paid on number of webform completions in previous calendar month on program landing page(s) managed by Approved Affiliates. Fees are dependent on the selected offer. Offers vary on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Maximum Advertising Fee: $100 per Qualified Lead
Minimum Advertising Fee: $25 per Qualified Lead

*Advertising fees calculated on the 1st business day of each month (Canadian calendar) based on Actions received for the previous calendar month

Program Tools and Resources:

TalentClick Affiliate Program is managed by a dedicated Program Manager, who will accept any and all program support requests via email at Program creative, links, and any other advertising resources to be supplied via email by Program Manager.


  • Approved Affiliate – A person or company that has applied and been approved for the TalentClick Affiliate Program
  • Booked Appointment – At least one decision maker for the prospective company must accept online meeting invitation and attend meeting with a member of TalentClick Staff
  • Qualified Lead – English-speaking person at company within Approved Markets at or above Manager level
  • Approved Markets – Companies in North America, United Kingdom, European Union, and Australia within the Mining, Oil & Gas/Energy, Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation industries that have 100+ employees


  1. Program Manager will manually approve all affiliate
  2. Program Manager may at any time revoke Approved Affiliate status to any vendor at its sole discretion
  3. Due to the subjective nature of “Qualified Leads”, Approved Affiliates will be provided with a monthly report outlining those leads accepted and rejected and will be given the opportunity to contest decisions via their dedicated Program Manager


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