Are the assessments Valid and Reliable?

Are the assessments Valid and Reliable?

Our assessments have established validity and reliability that meet the standards specified in the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (1978).

  1. Validity
  2. Standards specified in the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures were followed in developing our assessments to establish content validity. The dimensions we measure were developed using factor analysis and verified using internal consistency reliability and convergent/discriminant validity. Our assessments are also subject to an ongoing program of research to identify the relationship of its dimensions to important outcome measures, to continue to refine item and scale content, add new scales, refine the normative database and demonstrate predictive validity. For ongoing validation, we correlate assessment results with various data points, such as productivity metrics, performance ratings, tenure, safety incident rates and much more. Correlations range from .15 to .38. We have conducted multiple validity studies across industries, regions and job types.

  3. Reliability

The reliability of our assessments range between .75 to .88, which exceeds acceptable levels of reliability (>0.7). According to the EEOC’s Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures, at a minimum, the reliability of pre-employment assessments should be evaluated in terms of the degree which:

(1) Items or questions on a scale relate to one another (internal item consistency).

(2) Results or scores remain stable over time (test-retest reliability).

Upon your request, we can provide the full Technical Manuals.

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